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Resource 3000 is proud to announce Comp Three, Inc. as its newest partner. Comp Three joins Allegro Consultants, Ideal Computer Services, Orbit Software and Lund Performance Solutions in providing the e3000 community with a total solution for their data processing needs well into the future.

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Resource 3000 is an organization created with a specific and definite purpose - to be The e3000 Total Experience Resource. We understand the investment you’ve made in your e3000 system, and regardless of your reasons for remaining on the platform, we exist to help you manage your e3000, so that you can manage your business for as long as you need.

Hewlett Packard's recent announcement to continue supporting e3000 to 2008 is welcome news to many. Resource 3000's mission remains the same and you can continue to look to us for all your 3000 needs even when HP truly drops support. This is the time to consider Resource 3000 as your vendor of choice and not wait for the other shoe to drop.
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